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Suncorp’s Commercial Claims Platform Goes Live Nationally

insuranceNEWS, Novembre 28, 2011

Torus Insurance Completes Rapid Implementation of Guidewire ClaimCenter

Insurance & Technology, Novembre 22, 2011

The Rise of Agnosticism (Future Claims Management Success)

Risk & Insurance, Ottobre 15, 2011

The 25 Best Tech Companies To Work For in 2011

Business Insider, Settembre 2, 2011

The Rewards of Precision

Risk & Insurance, Agosto 11, 2011

Loosening the Grip on IT Spending

with Guidewire customer, Missouri Employers Mutual

Insurance Networking News, Agosto 11, 2011

RBSI: 'New claims system is industry benchmark'

Insurance Times, Luglio 26, 2011

New Harleysville CIO Focuses on the 'Intersection of Service and Profitability'

with Guidewire customer, Harleysville Insurance

Insurance & Technology, Luglio 13, 2011

RBSI MD: We are Doing 42 Months Work in 18 to Transform Claims

Post Online, Luglio 13, 2011 – registration required to view

Core Modernization: CNA Upgrades in Search of the Truth

Insurance & Technology, Giugno 29, 2011

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