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Is Your Claims System Obsolete?

Propertycasualty360/Claims, Dicembre 1, 2004

Improving Claims Operations Offers Big Benefits, but Efforts Require Broad, Considered Approach

Article on having a world-class claims organization, seen as a 'critical element of success in the insurance business'; as discussed by presenters at Guidewire's Claims Forum, Innovation in Claims

Business Insurance - Industry Focus, Ottobre 18, 2004 – registration required to view full article

Innovation for Claims

Technology has lagged in its support of business process improvement in claims organizations, thereby being an obstacle to change. Guidewire's ClaimCenter product, however, provides "claim leaders the freedom to translate ideas into reality"

Propertycasualty360/Claims, Agosto 1, 2004

ROI Analysis Encourages Claim Investments

Article discussing the importance of selecting equipment or program investments that can improve claim performance

Propertycasualty360/Claims, Luglio 1, 2004

Driven by the Rules

Article on how Guidewire ClaimCenter is being implemented at Hastings Mutual Insurance Company

Insurance Networking News, Febbraio 1, 2004 – registration required to view

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