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Launch into direct-to-consumer market expected soon, demutualization packages being mailed: Economical Insurance

(With Guidewire customer, Economical Insurance)

Canadian Underwriter, Maggio 4, 2016

Interview: Guidewire’s Neil Betteridge Discusses the Vendor’s EagleEye Analytics Acquisition

Insurance Innovation Reporter, Maggio 2, 2016

Guidewire Software Joins Rise of Strategic Investors In Insurance Tech

CB Insights, Aprile 26, 2016

Expert View: Underwriters need new tools for a data age

Insurance Times, Aprile 8, 2016

Guidewire Rounds-Out Data and Analytics Capabilities with EagleEye Analytics Acquisition

Insurance Innovation Reporter, Marzo 30, 2016

Key Insurance Tech Indications from Guidewire's Analytics Move

Insurance Networking News, Marzo 29, 2016

Reflections on Guidewire’s Acquisition of EagleEye Analytics

Insurance Innovation Reporter, Marzo 29, 2016

Alberta Motor Association CIO on Guidewire’s Role In the Club’s Insurance Transformation

(with Guidewire customer, Alberta Motor Association)

Insurance Innovation Reporter, Febbraio 19, 2016

Guidewire: How An Entrepreneur Can Win An Industry, Gennaio 24, 2016

Seibels Prepares for the Future with Guidewire Claims Solutions Selection

(with Guidewire customer, Seibels)

Insurance Innovation Reporter, Gennaio 6, 2016

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