Groupe Promutuel Selects Guidewire Solution for Claims Management

Improving customer service and reducing claims cycle times are key business drivers for Quebec-based insurer to update its claims platform

Groupe Promutuel (“Promutuel”), one of Quebec’s largest Property/Casualty (P/C) insurers and Guidewire Software, a provider of core system software to P/C insurers, today announced that Promutuel has selected Guidewire ClaimCenter® as its new claims management system for all personal, commercial and farm lines of business across its 27 independent member companies.

Promutuel wants to provide consistent, high quality customer service and enhance its vendor management capabilities which will result in an improved customer experience. To ensure the attainability of these goals, the company elected to standardize its claims system and processes across the group with Guidewire ClaimCenter.

“We knew that a new claims system would be beneficial for us but we needed to demonstrate significant benefits to win the support of our member companies,” said Benoit Duchesne, director, Claims Department, Groupe Promutuel. “Guidewire’s Value Consulting team helped us build our business case for the project using their Wedge Business Case methodology. A group of our members utilized this tool and found substantial benefits. This was a very valuable process that resulted in the creation of the business case which will now guide our implementation project to ensure we realize benefits.”  

Duchesne added, “Having our people complete the Guidewire Wedge Business Case™ and reach the results on their own was very convincing and I can proudly say resulted in 100% member support for our Guidewire decision.”

With ClaimCenter, Promutuel companies will be able to:

  • Reduce claims cycle times to ensure fast, efficient customer service, and minimize the impact of claims on clients;
  • Improve  relationships and enable better management of service providers and vendors;
  • Manage claims with a consistent system and processes across its entire group of companies – facilitating the sharing of claims adjusters during catastrophes or other peak periods; and
  • Enjoy a modern technology platform designed to grow and evolve with its business.

“Guidewire’s approach to customer self-sufficiency - equipping us to maintain and extend the system ourselves– was very appealing to us,” said Serge Pinard, IT director of architecture, Groupe Promutuel. “We are eager to proceed with the project and to deliver the system for our members and our customers.”

“Promutuel joins a prestigious group of P/C insurers replacing their legacy claims systems with Guidewire,” said Marcus Ryu, chief executive officer, Guidewire Software. “We welcome them and thank them for their confidence in our solution and capabilities. We are looking forward to helping them achieve success.”

Guidewire ClaimCenter® is a leading end-to-end claims management system, built from the ground up to meet the specific needs of today’s P/C insurers. ClaimCenter’s flexible business rules enable claims organizations to define, enforce, and continually refine their preferred claim handling practices in order to optimize and monitor their claim processes. ClaimCenter is in use by insurers of all sizes across all product lines to improve speed and accuracy, reduce loss adjustment expense, and enable proactive management of claims. ClaimCenter is available as a standalone system or as part of the Guidewire InsuranceSuite™, and can be integrated to an insurer’s legacy systems or third party applications.

About Groupe Promutuel

Promutuel ranks among the biggest general insurers in Quebec. Also active in the financial security fields, the Groupe is known for its financial solidity, the high quality of its products and the excellence of its customer service. Promutuel has 1,650 employees working to serve 540,000 insured. The Groupe's mission is to promote and offer insurance and financial service products that meet and exceed the insured-members' and clients' expectations. To this end, it provides personalized service of the highest quality and encourages the mutualist values that have guided its actions for close to 160 years. For more information, please visit

Notizie su Guidewire Software

Guidewire Software sviluppa soluzioni enterprise per il settore assicurativo, con particolare riferimento al ramo danni, per adattarsi e avere successo in questo periodo di rapido cambiamento.  Basata su 3 elementi chiave, operazionii core, dati e analytics, e esperienza digitale, la suite applicativa e’ stata concepita per ottimizzare e potenziare le interazioni con i clienti, e le competenze dell’organismo aziendale. Più di 260 compagnie di assicurazione del ramo danni hanno scelto Guidewire. Per maggiori informazioni visita il sito o Seguici su twitter: @Guidewire_PandC.

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